Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Introducing, The Bombers!

Eric's soccer team for fall 2007. These guys really played well, coach Jide & Bami were fantastic with the kids.
Standing (l to r): Bami, Eric, Matia, Duncan, Liam, Coach Jide.
Kneeling (l to r): Brennan, Katzuki, Bosum, Jacob

Waiting to ride

Kinda hard to eat pizza with those Darth Vadar helmets on.

Just don't wreck them, boys!

Alright, quit taking pictures & let's ride!

The dunes at Pismo are enormous

That's a bunch of campers in the background

Danger? Nobody told us.....

They rode & lived to tell about it!

What a great time this was - the boys liked it, too!